From sensor to software: The complete measurement chain




An extensive assortment of strain gauges for the most widely differing applications.

Load Cells

Load Cells for weighing and force measurement: HBM is the worldwide market and technology leader in weighing technology and force measurement.

Force Transducer for Force Measurement

Reliable and precise force measurement: Rely on HBM's force transducer for industrial and calibration use.

Measuring torque with confidence: Select your digital or analog torque transducer from HBM - the worldwide market leader for torque measurement.

Data Acquisition Systems

Whatever your application, HBM has the right measurement data acquisition system for your needs.

High-speed data acquisition system

Data acquisition with highest sampling rates up to 100 MS/s per channel.

Rugged mobile DAQ

Rugged, mobile data acquisition even for the most demanding environments: SoMat eDAQ from HBM.

Measurement Software

HBM's powerful software packages enabe you to get your measurement results quickly and reliable.

The right load cell for your application. HBM provides you sophisticated and innovative weighing technology components specifically for your application.

Tests and trials are the only way to know for sure. Companies and institutes from many different industries rely on the complete measurement chain from HBM.

Whatever your industry or application HBM can provide you with an optimized hardware and software packages for process measurement – custom configured to meet your exacting requirements.

HBM is your partner in any situation where measurements need to be taken.
From calibration laboratory to test stand at speeds up to 40,000 rpm.

Experimental stress analysis enables you to measure stress occurring in the components used in your products. This is the direct prerequisite for an optimal design of the components.

Force Measurement

A force is the power that is exerted upon an object. The exertion of a force may produce motion to the object the force is exerted upon, or may deform the object.

HBM can provide you with an optimized hardware and software packages for process measurement.

Scale Manufacturers

HBM provides you sophisticated and innovative weighing technology components specifically for your application.

HBM's futureproof solutions for development and production of ships, marine engines and other components.

Weighed, packed, ready-to-eat: Highly accurate weighing of food.

Optimal medical treatment requires extremely high-quality medical engineering.

Measurement solutions for the energy industry including renewable energy, nuclear, oil and gas.

pole position ...with measurement technology made by HBM

Rail test with HBM: The world's leading measurement technology for railways, rail traffic and railroad companies

Structural health monitoring with HBM: Viable measurement results for you.

Fly High... in Aerospace Testing. HBM: Setting the standard in aerospace testing.

The formula for success in chemical applications: HBM measurement technology.

HBM - Partner of Universities. Universities as drivers of innovation.

High-quality measurement technology for sustainable agriculture.

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Production control with PMX

PMX data acquisition and control system: The sharpest measurement technology from HBM, perfectly designed for use in modern production.

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